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The Leading SEO Company in Alberta

We recently had to hire an SEO company to rank our website in Google. Every time people were searching for Polish Combatants they were finding war websites and such. We needed to hire a team of professionals to rank our website for us so that our competitors aren’t out ranking us. We were able to find a well qualified company called Alberta SEO. They claimed to have hundreds of 1st page Google rankings so we hopped aboard their ship.

The goal was to rank #1 within 3 months. They did it before the end of the first month. The SEO contract we signed up for was only for 6 months and after that they say you will never have to invest in SEO again. Search Engine Optimization was always something as a business owner that I never understood, but completely understood the significance of having an online presence.

It pissed me off that for years my customers were searching for me and usually landing on my competitors website. That peeved me until I finally decided to invest in quality SEO services. My business wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the Alberta SEO company. They were able to update all of our business citations as well as submit our website to directory sites such as YP.ca.

We highly recommend the folks over at Alberta SEO, they helped us so I can say with full confidence that they can help you too! We were satisfied with the cost of the marketing campaign but we were even more satisfied once we saw the end results!

You can check them out on Facebook at the Alberta SEO Facebook Page.

The Best Pedorthist in Sudbury at Making Custom Orthotics

What is a Pedorthist?

Are you looking for a pair of quality made custom orthotics? Go to Rob Marcolini certified Pedorthist. He has owned Boreal Orthotics in Sudbury, Ontario for many years. He has been making high quality orthotics for people of all ages and from all over Northern Ontario. People come from far and wide to get the high quality custom fitted othotics that Rob makes by hand, himself.

Sudbury orthotics
Rob Marcolini, Certified Pedorthist and Owner of Boreal Orthotics &  Shoes

I myself have been getting my orthotics made their for many years and I recommend it to almost everyone I know. Especially people with back pain, because for me this was what sparked my first visit with Rob. He tested my feet by having me walk and do some simple tests in his clinic. He then made a diagnosis telling me that my back pain could very well be caused by my footwear causing me to walk improperly. This would make sense as my posture is next to perfect, but my flat footed shoes are apparently less than ideal for my foot health.

I will never walk with shoes that don’t have my orthotics in them ever again. I have noticed such a difference in my overall posture and health/well being after visiting Rob and Boreal Orthotics and Shoes. I am loving my brand new pair of shoes and I wear them almost every single day! If you live in Greater Sudbury or anywhere in Northern Ontario, it is worth the drive to go see Boreal Orthotics. They have great prices compared to the larger orthotics companies because he makes the insoles in house in his office.


canada flag

Canada is an amazing country to do business with. Us Polanders often trade with Canadians and you should to. There is no reason why you should do business anywhere else. The Canadian Dollar has hit an all time low and you should be converting your dollars into Canadian.

You can make tons of money trading with Canadians since most dollars go much further than the CAD seeing as it has never been as low as it currently is. Any American or European can make a killing trading Canadian stocks or just doing business with Canada in general since most dollars will get more than a single CAD.


poland flag

Poland is an amazing country where business with Canada is often conducted. We regularly trade with our Canadian brothers and sisters. We always do business with Canada and this is why we here at the Polish Combatants we are devoted in providing unique details about local Canadian businesses that we recommend to all of our Polish brothers and sisters.

Most of our readers are Polish and we here at Polish Combatants are Polish as well. We only recommend businesses that people from Poland will enjoy and will want to spend their hard earned cash at.

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